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Industrial Action – Thursday 27th April  2023 and Tuesday 2nd May

Industrial Action – Thursday 27th April 2023 and Tuesday 2nd May


The NEU has formally notified employers that strike action will take place on Thursday 27th April and Tuesday 2nd May in relation to a national dispute over pay.


Whilst we will make every effort to open the whole school on the day, indications are that Berridge will need to close some classes. Having assessed the impact and potential risks, and after consultation with the Chair of Governors, I have decided to close certain  classes on Thursday 27th April and Tuesday 2nd May


Thursday 27th April  


All classes  in  Reception , Year 1 and Year 2 will be closed. 


Tuesday 2nd May


Beech class (Year 3), Elder class (Year 4), Larch class (Year 1)  also all classes in reception will be closed


The rest of the school is open (including Nursery) and will operate as normal. 


If your child is entitled to free school meals and it is affected by this closure then we can arrange for the kitchen to make a packed lunch .  This can be collected in the morning from school. Please contact the school office on 0115 9155851 by Tuesday 25th April to order the packed lunch. All the other years groups will have a hot meal service as normal.


School will be open to all children following these strike days as normal


It is difficult to assess the impact on school at this stage but we will try to keep you updated as soon as we can in case anything changes.


Yours sincerely,

Jamie Tee

Mr J Tee

Head Teacher