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Y6 Secondary Transfers

Year 6 Parent Transition Meeting


Year 6 Parent Secondary School Transition Meeting

Wednesday 20th September 9am-10am.



Secondary School Online Application 2024


Year 6 Secondary School Places - March 1st 2024


On March 1st 2024 Nottingham City Council will inform Year 6 parents of their child’s allocated secondary school place.

If your application was submitted online, your child's allocated school place will be sent via email to the email address used to apply. If the application was submitted using a paper form, your child's allocated school place will be sent via a letter posted on 1 March 2024.

If you wish to appeal against a secondary school place allocation please see the links below.

All of the Bluecoat Academies ask that any appeals are submitted in writing directly to them and are received within 20 days of getting the notification of refusal. An appeal can be in the form of an email, letter or completed 'BWA Appeal Form for Intake Sept 2024' form which are available on the Academies Websites.


We strongly advice that parents accept the school place offered to them whilst making an appeal. This will ensure your child is not left without a school place.




Bluecoat Wollaton Appeals 

Bluecoat Trent Appeals

Nottingham City Council Appeals

Below are  links to the main secondary school websites that Berridge pupils go to when they leave us in Year 6. 


Please see Nottingham City website for the full list of schools available .


If you have any questions about application forms then please contact the Brushfield office on 0115 9155813.