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'Music is the universal language of mankind'

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

At Berridge we strive for our music curriculum to:


  • provide fun, engaging and happy experiences.
  • encourage children to be creative and enjoy hands on, practical music making.
  • allow children to experiment with new ideas, without the fear of making mistakes.
  • provide ways of expressing ourselves.
  • be accessible to all of our children, regardless of barriers they may face.
  • inspire and enrich us individually and bring us together as a school.  


The overarching theme for our school curriculum is People and Places. As the Model Music Curriculum DfE 2021 states ‘Music connects us through people and places in our ever-changing world.’

At Berridge, pupils begin performing at an early age, from EYFS right through to Y6, all pupils are immersed in our music curriculum and all perform on multiple occasions over their time at Berridge. 


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

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Summer 1

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Harvest Festival



Easter Parade


Y2 Performance


Harvest Festival

Winter Music Concert


Spring Music concert


Summer Music Concert