Berridge Primary and Nursery SchoolWorking Together to Achieve Success


Individual Liberty

Everyone has the right to be themselves and express opinions.


We respect each other’s differences.

Good Practice

  • Promote freedom of choice and right to express opinions and beliefs
  • Encouraged to be independent learners
  • Teaching about the protected characteristics and an individual’s right to live as they choose within the boundaries of the law. 


Evidence at Berridge

  • Pupils actively making choices about their learning, meal choices, what games they will play at lunchtime, who they will play with
  • Pupil voice interviews enable pupils to give their opinions and views on their experiences of school life
  • Pupils given the opportunities to work collaboratively within their own year groups
  • Pupils aware that their personal identity is unique and is a result of all the different groups they belong to and identify with- such as their family, their school community, their faith, ethnicity
  • Pupils confident to contribute and share opinions in debates and discussions  
  • Pupils challenging stereotypes
  • Respect, Resilience and reflection – values through which pupils can assess their behaviour and attitudes to daily school life.