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Year 6

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A copy of the recent letters is below which contains useful information about this term. Please remember there’s lots of useful information in other parts of this website from help at home and what your child will be learning in school.


We organise parent consultation meetings throughout the year to discuss your child’s learning and in July you will receive written report.

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“ Working together to achieve success”

YEAR 6 Focus Page February 2024


In the autumn term, year 6 learnt about the Earth in our geography topic ‘What Lies Beneath’. In this topic, we took a closer look deep beneath the Earth’s surface to find out about its physical features (which can cause natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes), as well as understanding time zones and being able to pinpoint places on a map using lines of longitude and latitude. Whilst learning about volcanoes and how they are formed, we investigated different volcanoes in the world and became familiar with the eruption of Mount Vesuvius (79 B.C.E) which completely covered Pompeii (Italy) in ash, rock and pumice. It was HORRIFYING!  Since we had been writing news reports in our English lessons, we became journalists and travelled back in time to write reports about that devastating day and what happened in the aftermath of the catastrophe. We captured what it was like and how devastating this tragic event was for the once picturesque town.


At the start of the autumn term, we looked at the dark story of ‘Hansel and Gretel’ by Neil Gaiman. This version was illustrated by Lorenzo Mattotti who managed to capture the dark mood of the tale through his erratic use of black and white lines within his images. For our art unit, ‘How do we create mood in a piece of art?’, we explored and investigated the medium of charcoal. We practised creating marks on a page; we explored different ways to manipulate the charcoal with smudging and shading techniques and created observation drawings of trees. All of these sessions were leading up to a final piece where we created our own image (using the techniques taught) which would convey the mood of the story.