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‘The decision to learn a foreign language is to me an act of friendship. It is indeed a holding out of the hand. It’s not just a route to negotiation. It’s also to get to know you better, to draw closer to you and your culture, your social manners and your way of thinking.’  John Le Carre  

We understand the enrichment that language learning offers to our pupils. It instils pupils with the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. It deepens an understanding and appreciation of the world around us, and promotes greater tolerance, empathy and acceptance of others. It also boosts brain functions by improved memory, critical thinking skills, listening skills and creates a deeper understanding of how our own language works. It is our aim to inspire our children to travel, explore the world, and generate a life-long love of language learning.

The overarching theme for our curriculum is People & Places - understanding the world that we live in and the people who inhabit it. As a global language, Spanish is spoken in 21 countries on four continents by over 490 million native speakers, thus demonstrating its importance and diversity.