Visions and Values


Our Vision, Aims and Values


Our Vision is to create a happy, safe and inclusive environment, in which all our learners feel valued and are given the opportunity to thrive. We want children, staff and parents to work actively in partnership to enable all children to realise their full potential.




Our core values are to be considerate, resilient, motivated, reflective, respectful and creative.


Our Aims

  • to inspire a love for learning

  • to provide a relevant and inspiring curriculum for all

  • to praise effort and encourage reaching full potential

  • for children to be independent learners and creative thinkers

  • for children to value themselves

  • to foster a sense of belonging to a community


We Value

  • respect and acceptance beliefs of others

  • consideration and respect for people and property

  • hard work and commitment

  • all types of achievement

  • our diverse community