Berridge Primary and Nursery SchoolWorking Together to Achieve Success


Tolerance of other's beliefs

We work and play together in harmony


We respect and learn from each other’s beliefs and traditions

Good Practice

  • Help pupils to acquire an understanding of, and respect for their own religious beliefs and those of others. 
  • Challenge prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour  e.g. through discussion and use of illustrative materials as well as our approach to behaviour in school.
  • Organise visits to places of worship e.g. visits to the local churches and other diverse places of worship as appropriate to the curriculum.
  • Help pupils to understand that we must accept our people have different beliefs and not to impose our views on others


Evidence at Berridge

  • Celebrations of different religious festivals
  • All pupils included in school activities and learning around the major religions
  • Behaviours contrary to British values challenged
  • Pupils visiting places of worship or hosting religious visitors
  • Understanding and valuing the beliefs of others
  • Pupils being considerate and kind to one another