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Reading at Home


Early Readers -those still accessing our Little Wandle Phonics Scheme


These children will be given two books to take home. One will be a reading practice book for phonics and the other will be a sharing book with some familiar words and some new words.  See the phonics section  for more details. 

Please support your child in reading these books at least three times a week


Developing Readers-those who are able to sound out new words but are still developing their confidence in other reading skills such as fluency:


 There are a range of different books in school which are grouped into coloured bands. Your child will be supported by an adult to read books from the appropriate band for their level of reading and understanding. Your child will be given a set of suitable questions (see reading diary) for you to ask at home each time they move up to the next colour band. Please use these to support both listening to and talking about the books they bring home at least three times a week. 


Confident Readers-Children who have good reading, comprehension and fluency skills:


These children select reading for pleasure books of their choice from the school and class libraries. They are encouraged to select books that both interest, inspire and challenge them. Your child should be reading these independently at home at least three times a week. We encourage you to allow them to read independently and then we encourage parents to then ask them questions about what they have read.  Please mark in their reading diary three times a week when you have seen them read. 



Children in reception and year 1 will be given two books to read at home. A reading practice book for phonics and a sharing book. Please see the phonics section on this page for more details.


Children in other parts of school may be given additional support with the phonics in reading.


What School Expects from Parents:

Read at least three times a week. The more often your child reads,

and especially with your support, the more quickly they will progress.


As children start reading, a good guide to how long they should

read is 5 minutes. By the time a child is in year 6, they should be reading for 15-20 minutes or longer.

If your child is an independent reader, please ask them about their book, and sign in their diary when they have read. Asking questions will help improve their reading comprehension