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Online Safety


'The internet is a wonderful tool, but technology is increasing faster that the safety message is'

Pam Weaver


Why is it important to stay safe online?


Most of us are ‘connected’ to the WWW via our laptops, mobile phones, tablets or personal computer. The potential for the internet to be a valuable and a fun resource for entertainment, making friends, keeping in touch and learning is huge. But there is a downside - by using the internet, you could be at risk of illegal activity or abuse - be it bullying, fraud, exposure to inappropriate material or something more serious. 


In the same way you learn about safety when you leave the house, it is important to learn how to stay safe online. These are skills that will stay with you for life

Some Golden Rules

  • Never share personal information such as your address or phone number online.
  • Never share or upload pictures of yourself to anyone, especially indecent pictures.
  • Only open emails or attachments from people you know.
  • Only accept friend requests from or agree to meet people you know in real life
  • Always tell a trusted adult if anything online makes you worried, sad, afraid or uncomfortable