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A copy of the recent letters is below which contains useful information about this term. Please remember there’s lots of useful information in other parts of this website from help at home and what your child will be learning in school.


We organise parent consultation meetings throughout the year to discuss your child’s learning and in July you will receive written report.

 If you have any questions or queries please contact us and the class teacher will be happy to arrange a meeting.


“ Working together to achieve success”

Nursery Focus Page - March 2023


Stories and Books about Animals


Nursery have been listening to and telling different stories about animals; we have been learning about the names of the different animals, what they look like and where they live?

Bird Watch

Continuing our theme of animals; Nursery have been taking part in birdwatching where the children have looked at the different birds outside, learnt their names and their different colours. 

Can you see different birds at home?

Do you know the name of the birds?

Are you able to name a bird by listening to the sound they make?

As part of the topic the children have made paper plate birds using glue, paper, straws and feathers.


Stay and Play – 8th February 2023


This term Nursery invited parents to stay and take

part in the activities. The parents joined

the children

in listening to the story of the

week “Farmer Duck” and then spent

 time working in Nursery with the children

doing their favourite activities.

 Here are a few of the

photographs that we took during the day…