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Physical Education

‘Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.’ Jim Rohn

Our vision is for all children at Berridge Primary and Nursery School is to experience excellent physical education, school sport and physical activity that will lead to life-long participation.

 Physical education encourages pupils to be active and supports them in their understanding of how to participate safely and effectively. Our PE curriculum is inclusive to ensure that pupils of all abilities access the range of activities on offer and that they are physically active for sustained periods of time in order to encourage them to lead healthy, active lives.

 Regular participation in sport and physical activity can help to reduce the risk of heart failure; improve physical fitness; help with weight management and promote good health. However, the positive effects of PE are not only physical, participating in sport and physical activity from a young age will benefit many different areas of a child’s life, from a social aspect, performing better in the classroom and even mental health benefits.

The overarching theme for our curriculum is People & Places - Understanding the world that we live in and the people who inhabit it. Our school’s Core Values are Considerate, Creative, Motivated, Reflective, Resilient and Respectful. Our PE curriculum has been planned with these in mind.

We believe that sport is the perfect vehicle to carry these values as our children start their journey with us and prepare for their life ahead.