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EYFS Curriculum and Learning 


At Berridge we plan our curriculum for children in the foundation stage to meet the requirements of the EYFS.

Through all the teaching and learning activities we do we encourage children to see themselves as learners. We want children to develop characteristics of effective learning so that they will have the skills to learn for the rest of their lives. The 3 characteristics are:

Playing and exploring – we want children to have a go, to investigate, to try things out, to experience things

Active learning – we want children to maintain attention on their activities, keep trying even if things are hard, be proud of how they did something as well as what they did

Thinking creatively and critically – we want children to think of ideas, to come up with ways to solve problems, to plan what they are going to do, and to review whether it is working.


The curriculum is made up of seven areas of learning. There are 3 prime areas of learning. These are a main focus for children in nursery, and underpin everything that children do in reception. There are also 4 specific areas. These are taught to the children, and the environment is set up so that children can apply the skills they have been taught independently.