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Welcome to Reception  information page.


A copy of the recent letters is below which contains useful information about this term. Please remember there’s lots of useful information in other parts of this website from help at home and what your child will be learning in school.


We organise parent consultation meetings throughout the year to discuss your child’s learning and in July you will receive written report.

 If you have any questions or queries please contact us and the class teacher will be happy to arrange a meeting.


“ Working together to achieve success”

Foundation Focus Page - April 2024 


At the end of last term, we had an Easter Bonnet stay and play session with many parents attending, the children then wore their bonnets for a special Easter Bonnet Parade. We had a wonderful time and there were many fantastic creations!




This term we will focus on the signs of spring, in relation to plants, animals and changes in the weather.

We will hopefully spend lots of time outdoors growing sunflowers, beans and other plants and tending our courtyard garden. We have some tadpoles and will be looking after them so they can grow into little frogs!


We are focussing on the following books:




What the Ladybird Heard



Little Red Hen



We will be also looking at where food comes from and animals that live on farms. We will have a go at making bread!

We have already had a visit from White Post Farm and the children loved handling the rabbit, guinea pigs, mice, gerbils, snake and snail!