Berridge Primary and Nursery SchoolWorking Together to Achieve Success


Take a look at what we have been learning!

This term our theme is growing and planting and we will be working on…

  • Reading and telling stories about different flowers, plants, fruit and vegetables

  • Talking about the different flowers in the school garden, looking at their colours, shape and size

  • Using compost, pots and other garden equipment to plant seeds and look after flowers, vegetables and plants as they grow

  • Using our imagination to pretend and play in our garden centre


  • Counting, recognising and using numbers when we play and work

  • Recognising and sorting different shapes in play

  • Looking at different patterns that we can see in the environment


  • We will continue to develop gross motor skills by using the large climbing equipment in our nursery garden.



To help your child at home further here are a few ideas for you:

  • Share stories and talk about the pictures together.

  • Count and use numbers when at home or out and about.

  • Talk about the different flowers and plants that you see growing on walks or when you come to school.