Self-isolation learning provision Spring Term 1


If your child  has a postive PCR test and has to isolate, you will have to  keep your child at home for 10 days , from the start of their symptoms. 

Below  is access to online lessons linked to the work they would be doing in class this term. 


This half term Foundation 1 are learning about Stories and Books.  They will be looking at stories- Let's go Home Little Bear, Rosie's walk, 3 Billy Goats Gruff ands Farmer Duck

 For maths the focus is still on  numbers 1-6.


Below are some links to support these areas of their learning.

F2's are going to be looking at the classic fairy tale 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' as well as 'One Snowy Night' and 'Don't Put Your Finger in the Jelly Nelly'. Their number focus will be numbers 6-7, with a focus on understanding how those numbers are made. F2 will also continue to learn new letter sounds each week and start the blend the sounds together to read the word.


Below are some links to support their learning.


In Year 1 this term the children will be doing their exciting topic called 'Are these toys old or new?' They will be looking at toys through time and also thinking about what materials they are made from. 

In English, they will be writing stories based around the book Dogger.

In Maths the children will be focusing on adding and subtractions to twenty as well as counting forwards and backwards to fifty

Year 2

This half term, children in year 2 will be finding out what it's like to live on an Island. They will be reading Katie Morag stories and listening to and writing their own Caribbean Poems. In Maths the children will be focusing on multiplication and division.


Below are some links to support with this.


10 lessons on multiplication and division-



What we mean by human and physical features-

Year 3

This half term, children in Year 3 will be studying forces and magnets for the first three weeks. In English, they will be reading and writing traditional tales, focusing on King Arthur and the round table. In Maths the children will be focusing on Multiplication and division


Below are some links to support their learning.

Year 4

This half term, Year 4 will be exploring explanation texts and using  subordinate clauses in their writing. 

In maths the focus is on multiplication and division and later in the term Area & perimeter and Fractions. 

Their topic this half-term is 'Where does water come from and where does it go?' sp pupils will study rivers, the water cycle and states of matter in science. 



Below are some links to support their learning.


Writing an Explanation Text- a series of 18 lessons 

Chocolate making explanation - Oak Academy

Reading for pleasure 

Reading for pleasure activities





Year 5

Topic- Year 5 will be covering several topics this half term.

Week 1- will be looking at reversible and irreversible changes

Week 2- will be looking at properties of materials  

weeks 3-6- will be looking at North and South America.


Below are some links to support you with your home learning for each of these topics.

Week 1 (4-7th January) Reversible and irreversible changes:


week 2 (10-14th January) Properties of materials-making sure a test is fair


Weeks 3-6 (17th January-11th February) North and South america-Biomes


English-In English, the children will be studying the features of a biography. In grammar, they will be looking at pronouns, sentence openers and passive voice.


Here are some activities that will support in this.





passive voice-







Maths- In Maths the children will be looking at prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers. As well as this, they will looking at area and perimeter.

Below are some links to support this learning.


Prime numbers-


Square  and cube numbers-


Area and perimeter-


Year 6- Spring Term 2022

Our first topic this term will be ' Why do I look like I do?' which is all about evolution and inheritance. Our scecond topic will be 'How can I see around corners?' which is a sceince opic about light. 

Below are some links to support their learning. 

Humans and Animals over time - 6 Lessons

Light - 6 months

In English, pupils will be writing  non-chronological reports and persuasive texts

Non-Chronological reports- Pandas- 15 lessons  

reading for pleasure - 3 activities

exploring persuasive writing - BBC


In Maths pupils will be learning about negative numbers, BODMAS and measures ( area, perimeter and volume) as well as revisiting factors, prime numbers & multiples. 

Negative Numbers


Area and Volume

factors, prime numbers and multiples