School Council

Our School Council


Berridge Primary School Council has representatives from each school year, from Year 1 through to Year 6.

Pupils are chosen to be representatives by their classmates using a ballot system. The chosen pupils have to explain why they think that they would be a good rep for their class.

Each pupil has a School Council badge to wear.

Council meetings are held once a week and the minutes are taken at every meeting. They are then circulated before the following meeting. Each pupil is encouraged to make notes (if they are able) in their own Council notebook.

The minutes of each meeting are discussed in Class Council and any ideas or concerns are noted to be brought up at the next meeting.



KS1 Representative KS1 Representative
Birch - Mohammed Birch - Noor
Larch - Maariyah Larch - Ali
Hazel - Lyzah Hazel - Ayaan
Sycamore - Seerut Sycamore - Armaan
Chestnut - Samir Chestnut - Aaminah
Willow - Amina Willow - Eisa
Holly - Anaya  
Oak - Chiyna  
Ash - Jarar  
KS2 Representative KS2 Deputy
Class 3W - Jenan Class 3W - Seddig
Class 3GH - Savannah Class 3GH - Latia
Class 3T - Mulebinge Class 3T - Adam
Class 4AF - Amina Class 4AF - Oranoos
Class 4SF - Emily Class 4SF - Sumeyya
Class 4MG - Ria Class 4MG - Astemir
Class 5B - Tai-Sean Class 5B - Hannah
Class 5K - Hadia Class 5K - Kyeon
Class 5W - Muskaan Class 5W - Dharam
Class 6M - Muizz Class 6M - Thomas
Class 6G - Hassan Class 6G - Malika
Class 6R - Waliyya Class 6R - Daniel