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Recycling Club


Over the last term the recycling club have been researching what the problems are with our over use of plastic and how we need to be more responsible on how we dispose of it.

We researched on the internet how our use of plastic is harming our wildlife and our environment and what we are doing to try and reduce plastic in our world. Then we looked at art that has been made out of plastic.

After our research we made a piece of art of the countryside, the sea and the Earth, from plastic bags as a symbol to raise awareness about plastic pollution. We learnt to follow a design process to make a final piece of artwork.

As part of the process we used science skills - experimenting with the plastic and using a process that changed the state of the plastic. We found that when we applied heat to the plastic it would ‘fuse’ or stick together.

We cut up plastic bags and made tiles with pictures and patterns and then applied heat by ironing them. This was done in a controlled environment with special equipment to make sure it was safe.

Then all the children’s tiles were ironed to stick all of them together to make one piece of wall art.

In addition to that, we made sea animals out of plastic bottles which are attached to it, giving the piece a 3 dimensional perspective