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Welcome to the Nursery Home Learning Page!

It’s such a shame we can’t see you right now because we had to close the school for a while. We would really like to stay in touch with you and want you to keep working hard. Each week, on this page, you will find new learning activities for you to complete at home. Try and do as many as you can-we know you can do it! Also, don’t forget to look on the ‘Homework Websites’ page for lots more fun, learning websites.

Keep working hard, we are proud of you!


Mrs Oxendale and Ms Pickles

The Nursery Team

Challenges for the week beginning 22nd June

Challenges for the week beginning 15.6.20

Challenges for the week 8.6.20


Hi everyone,

Hope you are all keeping well and safe

Have you tried any of the challenges set?

There are more challenges today

If you complete a challenge you can share it with us and send us a photo that we can put on the website

Please send photos to

Have fun

Take care

Mrs Nason

Challenges for the week beginning 27.4.20

Challenges for this week 20.4.20

Easter competition

Challenges 1, 2 and 3