The Reading Agency and Nottingham City Libraries bring you the 2018 Summer Reading Challenge – Mischief Makers

The reading challenge is an annual event which takes place over the summer holidays. Children are tasked to read 6 library books which can be fiction or non-fiction. They then receive incentives along the way to encourage them to complete the challenge. The books can be from any part of the library so if your child is just starting on the reading journey or is struggling to read this is a good way to help your child continue to make progress.


Last year over 3000 Nottingham Children took part in the Summer Reading Challenge.  Just under 2000 children successfully completed the challenge and read 6 books.

Reading for pleasure is a really important skill to have. It also helps boost children’s confidence and general wellbeing.

Children who complete the challenge are invited to receive their medal from local councillors. Schools encourage children to continue reading over the summer holidays and are very supportive of the challenge. If your child takes their medal into school in September they are likely to receive extra incentives, maybe house points or entry into a prize draw.

With access to thousands of books, both fiction and non-fiction, advice on hand of what to read and free reservations for children, libraries can help to bridge the gap in a child’s reading during the summer months. The Summer Reading Challenge gives a child a reason to read – offering incentives along the way…. whether your child is learning to read or already can read – so why not join in the fun!


To take part all you have to do is read 6 library books over the summer holiday period. It’s FREE to join too! The only rule is they have to be library books. You can read anything and that means ANYTHING: picture books, fact books or stories from favourite authors.

Take your library card along with you when you visit or join up when you get there. Fill out a registration card and choose some books. As children return books they will start to receive incentives, a collector’s card and stickers. If they read all six books they will get invited to a medal ceremony where they will be presented with a medal.


The fun begins on 14th July and runs until 1st September 2018. You can visit the library any time during this period to sign up and take part. Why not visit the library during our summer holiday activity programme when you can take part in fun activities too? See the full programme by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.