Berridge Swapshop / Recycling

Happy New Year to you all!

Coats, Gloves, Scarves Needed for Swapshop/Recycling at Berridge

on Tuesday 16th January after school (at each site)


  • Do you have any coats, gloves and scarves that you no longer need?

  • Have your children grown out of their coats or gloves?

  • Are there coats in your wardrobes that your children no longer wear?

With the weather being so cold at this time of year, we want to make sure that all the children have suitable warm clothing. We would like to make available a selection of clean, good quality, second hand coats, gloves and scarves for those children who may not have these items at the moment.

Please could you bring in any unwanted coats, scarves and gloves to school by Monday 15th January so that we can host a giveaway to the parents of those children who need a new coat. You might want to:


  1. Bring a coat that no longer fits and swap it for another one.

  2. Donate items that you no longer need.

  3. Just come and choose a coat for free if your child needs one.


Yours sincerely

Mr Staiger

Head of School