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Dear Parents/Carers,

The schools have been closed for several weeks now and I hope you are able to access the homework ideas and online resources from the school website. Unfortunately, we are not able to print off resources and we encourage you to view the activities on the screen.  Every Monday we will set new work and also try to provide answers, where appropriate, so that you can mark the work yourselves. We have been delighted to see your photos and videos.  If you do wish to contact us, please phone the school office on 0115 9155813 . Please note we have closed the Bobbers Mill Site so calls left on the other school number may not be heard.  You can also email school at

We do appreciate it is a difficult situation and you may be finding it hard. Do continue to talk to your children about the situation to reassure them. We have added some links to a health well-being page which you may find useful.  The lockdown actions are designed to save lives and keep us safe. We are thinking about you and hope you are keeping safe and well. Please contact us if you need support.


Kind regards


Mr J Tee