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Coronavirus Information

Please read the attached return to school plans.

Coronavirus Information


This page is designed to give parents information during this Coronavirus outbreak. We recommend you use the links below to the Government websites which contains the latest updates 

Reopening Plans for Berridge

School has used the latest advice from Nottingham City Council and the Government to design our plans for reopening Berridge. Our first priority is safety and we want to ensure any plans keep children, staff and parents safe at all times.

In this web page we want to outline the measures we are taking to keep everyone safe during this re-opening plan but also the important role you, as parents, must also take too.


On Monday 1st June we will be closed for staff training. This will ensure all staff are clear about the new procedures in place in school.


We will be starting with Year 6 first then Year 1 and then Reception over the first three weeks in June. We will contact parents and let them know about the arrangements closer to the time. Thank you to parents who have told us if they will be sending their children into school.


It is up to you to decide if you wish to send your school back and we will respect your decision.


Due to limited space at our Bobbers Mill site we are not able to offer nursery places at this time.


Children in Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 will continue to receive work on the school website until we are able to welcome you back to school. We cannot provide any estimated times as it will depend on the latest government advice and if we are confident we can do this safely.

Some of measures we are putting in place


  • Children will be put in smaller groups (maximum of 8) with children in their year group. We will try to put them with friends but this may not always be possible
  • Children will be taught by school staff in separate classrooms. This may not be their own classroom or previous teacher
  • The children will have separate break and lunchtimes to other groups so will not be mixing with other groups. They will stay in their group of 8
  • We will be staggering the start and end times of school to reduce the number of parents outside school at any one time
  • We will be putting up signs and markings on the floors to help everyone socially distance as well new routines in school to help children move around safely
  • Extra cleaning has been arranged and the classrooms have been changed so that children remain 2m apart.
  • Some of the toys and resources may be removed from the classrooms
  • Children will not be sharing equipment. Any larger equipment required will be cleaned daily
  • We will continue to increase handwashing and help children understand the new rules of social distancing
  • Children who display Covid 19 symptoms will be isolated and send home.


What do we expect parents to do to help us?


  • DO NOT send your child if they display symptoms of Covid-19 and seek medical advice. You and your family MUST stay isolated for 14 days. You should get your family tested and inform your doctor
  • Be available if school staff need to contact via the phone. If we think your child is showing any symptoms we will ask you take your child home.
  • Collect and bring your child to school promptly at the new times we have given you. It is important that parents arrive on time to help us reduce traffic around school
  • Keep 2m apart from others
  • Only one adult should bring a child to school.
  • Try to walk to school and seek advice if you are using public transport like buses and trams to keep yourself safe
  • If you need to speak to school then please phone us as we are not arranging any face to face meetings at this time
  • If you do wish to bring your child to school then you must contact school first. DO NOT come to school until we have confirmed which days your child is attending. As we are putting strict control measures in place, we cannot accept children coming to school without arrangements in place
  • BRING a packed lunch and a named water bottle. School will not be providing lunches at this time. We will continue to provide the food vouchers for all families eligible and continue to send these home as we are currently.
  • Encourage your child to wash their hands before leaving the house and when they first come back
  • Remind your child about coughing and sneezing into tissues. We have bought extra tissues for every classroom.
  • Speak to your child about the new social distancing rules. It will be hard for children and we want to help them remember these new rules and how to stay safe. They maybe in a new classroom which looks different so please prepare them for this.



If you would like your child in Y6, Y1 and Reception to return to school then please get in contact using the school phone number or email


Please include your child’s name and class. School will get in contact with you and confirm the details of when your child can return.


PLEASE do not bring children to school without receiving confirmation from school.