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This page is designed to give parents information during this Coronavirus outbreak. We recommend you use the links below to the Government websites which contains the latest updates 

Advice from Public Heath 23rd September 2020

COVID-19 Absences: A Quick Guide for parents/Carers


Berridge reopening for all pupils on 1st September


The government have updated their guidance to schools and it is our aim that all children return to school on Tuesday 1st September. Unlike last term, the government are clear that attendance is now compulsory and children should be in school. We recognise it is a worrying time for parents but the government are clear that the risks are now low.


The risk to children themselves of becoming severely ill from coronavirus (COVID-19) is very low and there are negative health impacts of being out of school. We know that school is a vital point of contact for public health and safeguarding services that are critical to the wellbeing of children and families.” DFE guidance July 2020

Returning to school is vital for children’s education and for their wellbeing. Time out of school is detrimental for children’s cognitive and academic development, particularly for disadvantaged children. This impact can affect both current levels of learning and children’s future ability to learn, and therefore we need to ensure all pupils can return to school sooner rather than later.” DFE guidance July 2020


At Berridge we have worked hard over the past few months to develop new routines to keep children safe and below are some of the measure we have in place to support your child returning in September. If you have any questions please contact us.


New routines for September

  • Children will remain in classes for most of the day. This means, at Brushfield, that children will do maths in their classes rather than in targeted maths groups. 
  • Children in different year groups will have a separate break and lunch times
  • Classrooms have been adapted so most children will face forward in rows.
     (This is not the case with our younger children where other measures are in place)
  • The classrooms have been adapted to remove soft furnishings
  • Additional equipment has been purchased so that children do not have to share key resources
  • Increased handwashing routines throughout the day
  • School has installed more sinks and increased hand sanitizer units which are available throughout the building
  • Increased cleaning schedule with extra cleaning duties throughout the school day as well as before and after school cleaning
  • School will be limiting visitors to school including sport coaches
  • Children will have staggered start and end times to reduce the amount of people using the gates at one time.


At the bottom of this page is the risk assessment we have completed for reopening




Start times at Brushfield Site (Year 3-6)

Year group

Start time

Finish time

Year 6



Year 4



Year 5



Year 3




Start times at Bobbers Mill Site (Nursery – Year 2)


Start time

Finish Time

Year 2



Year 1







Nursery will continue with normal times depending on morning or afternoon session



What do I need to do as a parent to support my child attend school?

  • Reassure your child that it is now safe to return to school and continue learning.
  • Make sure your child brings a named water bottle to school.
  • Come in school uniform.
  • We will be opening the kitchens for school meals again
  • Make sure you come to school at the new staggered time. We do appreciate you have other children in different year groups so this may be tricky for some of you. If this is the case please contact us
  • Only one parent should bring your child to school.
  • Explain to your child that the classroom may look different in September. We will also do this but it would help them prepare
  • Remind your child that there will be new rules and that play times may be different at first
  • Make sure you give us any new contact details especially if you have changed mobile phones
  • Make sure your child does not come into the school if they have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, or have tested positive in the last 7 day and let school know so we can follow test and trace procedures. If we are concerned that your child has coronavirus symptoms we will contact you and expect your child to be taken home



We are pleased to remain open since March for key worker children but also have welcomed children from nursery, reception, Year 1 , Year 5 and Year 6 back into school this term.